KEYKING started it operations in the 1990’s as OEM manufacturer for Access Control hardware. Its high quality products secured more than 60 brands worldwide buying its equipment up to these days.

In 2001, KEYKING developed its own software, SPHINX and started its global brand providing state-of-the-art performance, reliability and flexibility.

In 2009, KEYKING was one of the First companies to introduce 32 BIT Controllers and TCP/IP 100Mbps embedded system (not converted from RS485)

KEYKING Operate in the USA since 2008 in cooperation with APIARY.

KEYKING today offer full solution in the areas of:

  • Access Control System  –  In compliance with the latest technology as well as Legacy systems upgrading. From Single-Door Stand-Alone to Enterprise-System with Global Capabilities
  • Hotel Lock Systems  –  Smartcard Based
  • Parking Systems  Allowing configurations from Retrofit to Full Line. Real-Time Parking Sensors for Parking Deck Management and  Automatic Signage.
  • Integrated Systems  –  Combining Access Control, Elevators, CCTV, Intrusion, Parking, Time & Attendance, Building Management, Signage, Safety Systems and more in to ONE SYSTEM
  • Smart Wallet Application – providing unique combination of ID Card and Prepaid Card for Cafeteria, Parking, Private Retail, Education and more facilities.
  • Guard Tour Systems – Real Time guard monitoring using the existing access control readers as well as Off Line tour using handheld event collector with integrated route monitoring

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